Regal Palms is a unique community of privately owned townhouses available as transient accommodations. In an effort to better educate guests about getting the best accommodations at Regal Palms we have compiled a list of the 5 most important things that all guests should know.

1. What is Regal Palms?

Regal Palms consists of Regal Palms at Highlands Reserve and the Regal Palms Resort. Regal Palms at Highlands Reserve is made up of hundreds of privately owned 3/4 bedroom townhouses. In the majority of the cases the properties are owned by individuals and families, and since the properties are privately owned the quality of the accommodations can vary greatly. To ensure the best accommodations we typically recommend renting directly from a townhouse owner.

Guests staying at Regal Palms at Highlands Reserve have access to the Regal Palms Resort, which features a Swimming Pavilion, Health Club, and much more. It is important to note that the Regal Palms Resort does not own or control the townhouses at Regal Palms. Unfortunately when there is an issue with a townhouse, due to either poor ownership or management, the Resort is usually unfairly blamed.

2. What is the best way to book a reservation?

Since properties at Regal Palms are privately owned vacationers have a variety of different ways to book a townhouse.

What is the best way to book? The most preferred way to book is directly with a townhouse owner. Why? When booking with a townhouse owner you are typically provided with custom photos of the property you will be staying in (on Vacation Booking Websites they typically use stock photos). In addition, owners that take the time to make their property available directly to guests usually take great pride in their property, meaning better accommodations, and are able to offer additional discounts not available through other outlets.

3. What are the differences between the townhouses?

Since each townhouse is privately owned accommodations can vary. The layout, maximum number of guests, and amenities, vary greatly between each townhouse. It therefore makes it impossible to list all the differences between each townhouse. What you can do however is ask the questions below to any townhouse owner to determine whether their accommodations meet your needs. Most owners make this information publicly available on their website or property listing.

4. Why is the pricing so different?

Since the properties are privately owned, and accommodations can vary greatly, the different owners and booking agents/property managers can set different pricing structures for the nightly rates. Below are some things that guests can do to help them get the best deal available:

5. What should I bring?

Most townhouses at Regal Palms include all the necessities such as linens, bedding, and towels, however it is important to note that the townhouses are self catering. This means that they may come with only a VERY limited supply of toiletry (toilet paper, soap, etc.) and cleaning products. Most guests will be required to purchase additional supplies during their stay.

What should you bring? We typically recommend bringing any type of specialty products that you use, such as soaps and shampoo. These are usually small enough to fit in a guests luggage. Supplies such as toilet paper or cleaning products, including additional garbage bags, should usually be purchased locally, unless you are traveling by car. A Publix Super Market is conveniently located adjacent to the Regal Palms Resort. We also recommend bringing washcloths, if needed.