General Questions About Regal Palms

Are all townhouses at Regal Palms the same?

No. At Regal Palms you will find townhouses with 3 or 4 bedrooms, with varying layouts and number of bathrooms. Since each townhouse at Regal Palms is privately owned it is the sole responsibility of the property owner to ensure that their property is maintained. Most do this by employing reputable property managers and regularly making improvements to their property.

How many properties do you have available to rent?

This website only handles reservations for a single, privately owned, 3 bedroom / 3 bathroom townhouse at Regal Palms. The pictures of the townhouse on this website are of the actual townhouse available for rent. The property is available year-round and we are able to accommodate reservations as short as 4 nights and as long as 3 months.

When is the best time to visit Regal Palms (Florida)?

Definitely a difficult question to answer because Regal Palms is enjoyable year round!

The busiest time of the year is during the Spring and Summer months when many families are vacationing in the Orlando, Florida area. Florida's tropical climate regularly has temperatures in the mid-70s to high-80s in the Spring and mid-80s to mid-90s during the Summer, with high humidity, but don't worry as our townhouse has central air conditioning. The weather during these seasons make it an ideal time to visit some of the local beaches or just hang around the Swimming Pavilion at the Resort when you are not visiting the popular local attractions.

Even though the Spring and Summer months are the busiest, many guests enjoy the Fall and Winter more than the Summer as the weather is more comfortable, especially for those who dislike the hot, humid, climate of a Florida Summer. In fact, Regal Palms is very popular among snowbirds who travel from cold climates to enjoy Florida's warm Fall and Winter months. Another great thing about visiting during the Fall and Winter months is that it is the slow season for travelers and this allows you to receive amazing deals on short or extended stays.

Should I rent a car? Is shuttle transportation provided?

Due to demand and logistical issues, the Regal Palms shuttle service was discontinued several years ago. The biggest problem with shuttle services is that it requires you to enjoy Florida's attractions on someone else's time schedule. We strongly recommend that guests rent a vehicle for transportation, if not traveling by vehicle, when staying at Regal Palms. It is important to remember that there are many attractions in the Orlando area, including Disney World, Epcot Center, SeaWorld, Universal Studios, and Legoland, to name a few. Having a vehicle makes travel much easier and allows you to enjoy your vacation on your own time schedule.

Townhouse Questions

How many guests can you accommodate?

Our townhouse has a maximum occupancy of 7 guests.

Where should we park?

The townhouse is equipped with 2 private parking spots that can accommodate two normal sized vehicles.

How far is your townhouse from the Resort?

This is a very good question as some properties, located at the back of Regal Palms, are approximately 1+ miles from the Resort entrance. Our townhouse is located on La Mirage St., Phase 3 of the Regal Palms development, and is less than 0.3 miles from the Clubhouse, which translates into about a 5-7 minute walk. It is close enough to walk, but far away enough from the noise, which is why we purchased our townhouse in the location that it is in.

Is there a daily housekeeping service?

All townhouses at Regal Palms are self-catering. This means that guests are responsible for the cleaning of the townhouse during their stay, which also includes the disposal of any garbage. The townhouse is cleaned by housekeeping following each guests departure. Should an additional cleaning be desired during your stay, you may inquire with our property manager for an additional service, which may be provided at an additional cost.

Should I bring toiletries, cleaning supplies, and paper goods with me?

Traveling with supplies can be extremely difficult, especially if traveling by air. Guests are provided with very limited toiletry and cleaning products, what we call a starter package. Guests staying longer than a couple of nights will probably have to purchase additional toiletries and cleaning supplies. Please note that any supplies that are left following a guests departure must be discarded for safety and hygiene reasons. This is why only a small starter package is provided. Luckily a Publix Super Market is conveniently located at the Berry Town Center, which is located adjacent to the Regal Palms Resort.

What appliances are in the kitchen?

Our kitchen includes a refrigerator with freezer, oven with burners, microwave, toaster, coffeemaker, blender, sink, and dishwasher. We also provide pots/pans, dishes/bowels, and utensils/glassware.

Do I need to bring bedding or towels?

Bedding and towels are provided. The only item that you may want to bring, as we do not provide it, are washcloths.

Does your townhouse have Central Air Conditioning?

Yes. Our townhouse is equipped with Central Air Conditioning that is helpful in battling Florida's hot and humid climate. When in use, please be sure to keep the windows and doors closed. If the temperature is too cool please adjust the thermostat. If opening the windows or doors please turn the air conditioner off.

Does the townhouse have Internet access?

Yes. Guests have access to FREE high speed wireless internet in the townhouse.

Does your property have a private pool?

No. The properties at Regal Palms at Highlands Reserve do not have their own private pool however our guests do have access to the on-site Regal Palms Resort & Spa which includes a Tropical Swimming Pavilion with 2 Pools, Water-slide, and a Lazy River.

Can I make telephone calls from the townhouse?

Yes. Guests can make and receive nationwide telephone calls at no additional cost.

Do you have a barbecue at the townhouse?

No. Due to safety issues, the Regal Palms Home Owners Association has banned the use of barbecues at the individual townhouses. The HOA has setup areas within the Regal Palms community where public barbecues are available.

What is the townhouse smoking policy?

Smoking is NOT allowed inside the townhouse. Smoking inside the townhouse is prohibited by both our Rental Agreement and Florida Law. Guests may smoke outside of the townhouse however they are responsible for proper disposal of any refuse.

Are pets allowed in the townhouse?

We have instituted a NO pet policy at the request of management. Please note that this policy only affects our property. If you are interested in staying at Regal Palms please contact other owners with regards to their pet policy.

Who should I contact if I need any assistance during my stay?

If you require any assistance with the townhouse, guests may contact our property manager 24/7. If you need assistance with the Resort, or purchasing theme park tickets, please contact the Regal Palms Resort & Spa.

Resort Questions

What type of amenities does the Regal Palms Resort have?

The Regal Palms Resort has something for the whole family to enjoy!

How much does it cost to use the Resort?

The Resort charges a reasonable resort fee of $12.95 + tax/per day, subject to change. This fee is based on the number of nights your reservation is, not the days that you use the Resort facilities. The good news is that this is a flat fee based on the number of townhouses rented, not the number of guests in your party. A reservation with 2 guests or 7 guests pay the same rate. The resort fee provides you with access to all of the Regal Palms Resort facilities, as listed above. Personal services are subject to additional charges.

Is the the pool heated?

Yes. The Regal Palms Resort Pool is heated year round.

What hours are the pool open?

The Regal Palms Swimming Pavilion is typically open from 8:00am - 11:00pm, subject to change by Resort Management.

Can we invite local friends/family to the pool?

Only guests staying at Regal Palms, and registered with the Front Desk, are allowed access to the Regal Palms Resort.

Is there a Game Room?


Reservation Questions

Is there a Rental Agreement?

Yes. All guests staying in our townhouse must consent to our Rental Agreement.

What should I do when I arrive?

All of our guests should proceed to the Regal Palms Front Desk which is located in the Clubhouse of the Regal Palms Resort & Spa. The address for the Regal Palms Resort & Spa is 2700 Sand Mine Road, Davenport, Florida, 33897.

What information is needed for check-in?

In order to check-in you must have:

What time is check-in and check-out?

Check-in begins at 4:00pm local time, while check-out is at 10:00am local time. While early check-in cannot be guaranteed, unless the prior night is booked, our property manager works with the Front Desk to grant access to our property as soon as it is available to guests. The Regal Palms Front Desk operates 24/7.

Payment Questions

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept payment by Credit Card and PayPal.

Are there any hidden fees?

No. We strongly believe that guests should be provided a list of all fees associated with their reservation, as well as any requirements. It is for this reason that we are dedicated to providing up-front pricing with NO hidden fees. Please take this into consideration when comparing our rates to other websites, which sometimes provide only partial pricing, neglecting to mention mandatory fees, such as cleaning and resort fees, as well as applicable taxes.

Do I have to make a deposit?

A $125 deposit is due within 1 day following confirmation of a reservation. A deposit allows us to permanently hold the dates for a guest pending receipt of the remaining balance.

When is the full rental balance due?

The full rental balance is due 60 days prior to the guest's check-in date. If a reservation is booked less than 60 days in advance of check-in, payment, in full, is due within 1 day following confirmation of the reservation.

Who do I pay the resort fee to?

The resort fee is a separate fee assessed and collected by the Regal Palms Resort & Spa. This fee is collected directly from the guest by the Regal Palms Front Desk at check-in.

Is there a security requirement?

As is standard practice with vacation rentals, all guests are required to satisfy a security requirement prior to entering the townhouse. We require a $200 security deposit at least 10 days prior to check-in. Reservations booked less than 10 days prior to check-in will have the security deposit included on their rental invoice. Security solely serves as collateral to protect against damages resulting from a guests negligence, abuse of property, or theft, and is standard practice with vacation rentals. The deposit is automatically refunded within 2 business days following a guests departure unless damages are reported.

If I need to cancel my reservation can I get a refund?

Partial refunds are available for some cancelled reservations.

In order to receive a refund we must be provided written notice of a reservation cancellation prior to the check-in date. Failure to notify us of the cancellation will automatically result in the forfeiture of any payment. Guests may purchase Vacation Insurance from third party insurance providers which typically provide protection from unforeseen circumstances.